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I have been working with glass for over 15 years, it is a challenging and rewarding medium. I am constantly learning the unique properties and abilities of the medium. A quality glass craftsman must have expertise in compatibility, gravity, temperature control, as well as color placement and reaction. These skills are necessary to the integrity of the piece.

Whether I am creating a custom stained glass piece for a clients home, or manipulating glass in the heat of a 1700 degree kiln, I am at home in the studio. In 2008, I opened my St. Charles studio Art Glass Array to the public where I teach others the skills of warm glass.

My designs are inspired by the shapes and textures of nature, the lines of architecture, the depth of the human form. Working layer by layer, I feel these forms connect flawlessly with glass.

Since the beginning of time, art has spanned cultures, giving us perspective to life, and defining human identity. Technology has propelled us into a new environment. For artists, we have found new materials, new techniques to allow us to push the limits on design and fabrication on artistic mediums that are centuries old, such as glass. Continuing on to the future, I hope our forthcoming generations embrace art to carry on the tradition of reminding us of the richness of our world.

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