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Statement:I feel a responsibility as an artist to evoke an emotional response in the viewer of my work. I choose subjects from nature that move me in a way that allows me to proceed from instinct rather than rational thinking – that is, in a visceral way. By using this visceral reaction to render what I see, I hope that the leap we must make from 3 dimensions to 2 becomes a non-issue and will put the viewer in that particular place at that particular moment in time. Nature’s grandeur and creatures provide me with beautiful form, color, and light. I experience joy while painting with pastels in particular because those colors and light are so impeccably achieved by layering and juxtaposing different pastels on various surfaces.

Resume: When it comes to my art, I am a late bloomer. The path has been a long and crooked one. I was raised in St. Louis, where I took every art course offered by my high school. I went to the University of Missouri- Columbia with a declared major in art. However, when I saw what the other students could do I gave it up, thinking I was not artistically talented. I was 19 years old. I could not see it then, but now, I consider this one of the biggest mistakes of my life!

I took a long break from college and worked as an administrative assistant and bartender. I had a successful wallpapering business also. It was during this time that I learned photography, which would later contribute to my return to painting and drawing. My father, Jasper Forrest McFarland, who was a gifted artist, passed away in 1993 and I inherited all of his art supplies. Tucked away in storage in the years after his death, they were calling to me, but for various reasons, the time was just not right for me to nurture my artistic side until later in my life.

When I was in my thirties I followed my love of birds and wildlife and returned to school to earn a degree in Wildlife Management. I worked as a natural history biologist seasonally for 8 years. Because I was not able to find permanent employment as a biologist, I again returned to school to become a physical therapist assistant. I worked as a PTA until my mother-in-law, Bertha, who had Alzheimer’s disease, became unable to live alone. Bertha came to live with me and my husband in 1998 and I quit my job to spend the next 8 years caring for her in our home. The decision to stop working and stay home with Bertha was a scary and agonizing one, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made because it was during the time I cared for her that I took up art again. I was 47 years old. It had been 28 years since I gave up. What now?

My father always told me I could learn everything I needed to know to be a good artist by reading and practice. Although our relationship was strained at best, I do remember feeling close to him when I sat by his side, watching him paint a mural on the wall of our living room, asking endless questions, and getting insightful answers that stuck in my mind. So, while I was home caring for Bertha, I took his advice to heart and started reading a lot about art history and technique. I pulled out the supplies he left me from their hiding place in the basement and began drawing and experimenting. By this time, the internet had emerged as a valuable resource and I started using it too. Slowly, steadily, and with increasing excitement, I applied what I learned. I took some drawing classes and a watercolor class, but it was when I took a pastel class at the local vo-tech that things really began to happen quickly.

To my surprise, I had brief “eureka” moments of seeing like an artist – moments that I thought were not in my ability 28 years before. I partially attribute this to my experience with photography over the years. Those moments came more and more often. Over the next few years, I began attending more in-depth workshops with pastel masters and entered pieces in the local juried shows and accumulated some honorable mention awards. In September of 2006, Bertha passed away and my dear husband, my biggest supporter, did not press me to get a job but encouraged me to work as an artist. I was off and running! Norm is a great husband!

I especially enjoy competing in plein air competitions and am proud to say I have taken home a respectable number of awards from them over the years. I also love painting portraits of people and pets and have won awards for my work in that genre also.

I give private lessons in my studio and teach workshops too.


I believe in continuing education.

Robert Genn said, “True mastery involves a kind of driven skill-building”.

I am always pursuing mastery, and I have no plans to stop! In my pursuit of mastery, I have had the great privilege to study with some of the most accomplished artists in the world, including:

Richard McKinley

Maggie Price

Lisa Ober

Desmond O’Hagan

Liz Haywood-Sullivan

Alan Flattmann

Spencer Meagher

Nancie King Mertz

Billyo O’Donnell

Bob Rohm

Rita Kirkman

Marsha Hamby-Savage

Theresa Emmet Allison

Doug Dawson

Kim Casebeer

There are many other masters on my bucket list and I’m working on checking them all off the list!


When I decided to begin teaching art, I was hesitant. Would my students be receptive? Would they learn? Would I embarrass myself? Would they like me? Would it matter that I don’t have a formal art education?

Well, I held on to the hope that I would be good at teaching and jumped in with both feet, and, who knew? It has been a wonderful experience for both me and my students!

I love to share my experience through teaching! I have learned so much from my own teachers over the years. Now that I have achieved some of my goals I want to give back. Watching a fellow artist or beginner work and achieve their artistic goals, no matter how small, is one of the greatest joys of my life. Not to mention, I learn something new each time a step up to teach!


“I think the organization, presentation, and demonstrations were effective. Personal assistance was very good and I cannot imagine how it (the workshop) could have been better. “

“I am not being overly exuberant. This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken. Engaging and fun, and I learned so much. The pacing was very good and the time just flew by. Thank you!”

“Lorraine is not only a talented artist; she is also a gifted teacher. She brings her joy of art and nature and her heart and soul to her students.”


“I am a beginning painter, yet I never feel discouraged by my lack of experience or talent in Lorraine’s workshops. She gives objective, constructive nudges in the right direction.”

“You have given me tons to think about and incorporate into my methodology. So may tips and tricks! Thank you so much. I really learened more than I’ve ever learned in any other class! Love the handouts!”

“Lorraine is so empowering and inspiring! Even though there is so very much information and technique to take in you never feel like you don’t belong in her class. I love her teaching style and learning from her!”


“Lorraine is a great teacher. If you are interested in learning about pastel painting sign up for one of her classes! Totally awesome!”


“Although her approach to teaching is very thorough and organized, she has a talent for nurturing her students’ unique abilities.”


“I am so grateful to Lorraine for making me feel like I have an artist inside of me and for having the patience and grace to help me express it!” 



Pastel Society of America

International Association of Pastel Societies

Gateway Pastel Society 

Best of Missouri Hands

Greater St. Louis Art Association

Illinois Prairie Pastel Society

In 2008, Lorraine became an elected member of the Bella Arts Group of award-winning working artists. The leader of this group is the noted watercolorist, Mary Lou Corn of St. James, Missouri.

Solo show 2009, Arts Rolla, Rolla, MO

Solo show 2012, Arts Rolla, Rolla, MO

Bella Arts Group Show – 2013 – Framations Gallery, St. Charles, MO

Bella Arts Group Show – 2014 – Arts Rolla, MO

Illinois River Salon Show – 2015 – Cave Springs, AR

Bella Arts Group Show – 2015 – Arts Rolla, MO

Solo Show, 2016, Arts Rolla, Rolla, MO

Dual Show, “Double Vision” with photographer, Norm Movitz, 2018, Arts Rolla, Rolla, MO

Juried Artist/Studio:

Lorraine McFarland

Short Description:

I mix pastels on textured surfaces, layering and juxtaposing colors to achieve the illusion of luminescence, vitality and movement.

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Awards and Honors

2019    Second Place, Arts Rolla Annual Juried Show – “Path to Peaceful” – Pastel

2019    Third Place, Steelville Plein Air – ” Path to Peaceful” –  Pastel

2019    Purchase Prize Award, Fairfield Paint Out – “Fields of Gold” – Pastel

2019    People’s Choice, Northbrook Plein Air – “Hydrotherapy” – Pastel

2019    Honorable Mention, Gateway Pastel Artists Summer Show – “Thank You Morning Sun” – Pastel

2019    Honorable Mention, Golden Hills Plein Air – “To the Land of Lincoln” – Pastel

2019     First Place, Quick Paint – Steelville, Missouri Plein Air – “Wildflower Country Road” – Pastel

2018    Honorable Mention, Arts Rolla Annual Juried Show – “View to the Gravel Bar” – Pastel

2018    Honorable Mention, Nocturne Category – Fairfield, Illinois Plein Air –  “Not Dark Yet” – Pastel

2018    Best Other Media, Fairfield, Illinois Plein Air – “325 Million Years” – Pastel

2018    Second Place, Sainte Genevieve, Missouri Plein Air – “Dappled Door”- Pastel

2018    Second Place, Quick Paint , Dexter Michigan Plein Air – “It Flows” – Pastel

2018    Honorable Mention, Steelville Plein Air – “View to the Gravel Bar” – Pastel

2018    Second Place, Nocturne category, Steelville Plein Air – “Good Night at Milt’s Place” – Pastel

2018   Third Place, Callaway Plein Air, Portland River View – Pastel

2018   Best In Show, White River Artists Plein Air Event – “After the Rain” – Pastel

2018   Second Place, Mixed Media, Augusta Missouri Plein Air Festival – Moo Are You? Moo moo, Moo moo, Mixed Media

2018   Honorable Mention, Gateway Pastel Artists Annual Show – Over the Creek – Pastel

2017   Purchase Award, Fairfield Plein Air, Fairfield, Illinois – Albion Sunrise – Pastel

2017   Best Pastel, Fairifield Plein Air, Fairfield, Illinois – Albion Sunrise – Pastel

2017   Dot Uding Memorial Award, Ste. Genevieve Plein Air,  Before Sunrise – Pastel

2017   Purchase Award, Riverfront Paintoff, St. Charles, Missouri – Morning by the River – Pastel

2017   Honorable Mention, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Plein Air – Entitlements After Dark – Pastel

2017   Purchase Award, Steelville, Missouri Plein Air – River Time – Pastel

2107   First Place, Steelville, Missouri Plein Air – Meadows Meander – Pastel

2107   Third Place, Steelville, Missouri Plein Air – Good Morning Perkins Farm – Pastel

2017   Honorable Mention, Steelville, Missouri Plein Air – Sunset at Milt’s Place – Pastel

2017   FAVE15%, February Bold Brush Competition – FASO – Sophie’s Snowfall – Pastel

2017   Best in Show, Gateway Pastel Artists Annual Show – Brooks Williams, Fret Monster – Pastel

2016   Jury Member – Best of Missouri Hands

2016   Honorable Mention, St. Peters Cultural Arts Center Pastels Show, St. Peters, Missouri – Coastal Twilight

            Meditation – Pastel

2016    First Place, St. Peters Cultural Arts Center Pastels Show, St. Peters, Missouri – Oklahoma Beauty – Pastel

2016    Best Pastel, Fairfield Paint Out, Fairfield, Illinois, Take Me Home Country Road – Pastel

2016   First Place, Riverfront Paintoff, St. Charles, Missouri, Main Street Paint – Twilight on Main – Pastel

2016   First Place, Riverfront Paintoff, St. Charles, Missouri, Old St. Charles Quick Paint – Barges at Old

            St. Charles – Pastel

2016   Bette Geraghty Memorial Award, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Plein Air, Twilight in Ste. Genevieve – Pastel

2016   Honorable Mention, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Plein Air, Works on Paper -Twilight in Ste. Genevieve – Pastel

2016   First Place, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Plein Air, Twilight Quick Paint – Twilight in Ste. Genevieve – Pastel

2016   First Place, White River Plein Air, Cotter, Arkansas – Bed, Breakfast, and Beauty – Pastel

2016   Third Place, Steelville, Missouri Plein Air, Cedar Spring Farm – Summer Road – Pastel

2016   Third Place, Steelville, Missouri Plein Air, Nocturne – Daybreak at Milt’s Place – Pastel

2016   Outstanding Pastel, January Bold Brush Competition – FASO – Max, Lit – Pastel

2015   Award of Excellence, Arts Rolla Annual Juried Show – Brooks Williams, Fret Monster – Pastel

2015   FAVE15%, November Bold Brush Competition – FASO – Brooks Williams, Fret Monster – Pastel

2015   Juror/Judge of Awards, Paint Your County Parks – Foundry Art Center, St. Charles, Missouri

2015   Third Place, Riverfront Paint Off, St. Charles, Missouri – Walkin’ with Lewis and Clark – Pastel

2015   Honorable Mention – Cook Station Paint, Steelville, Missouri  – Art Goes Better with Coke – Pastel

2015   Honorable Mention – Sunset Quick Paint, Augusta Plein Air Art Festival – Politte’s Missouri – Pastel

2015   Second Place (National), Pastel Category – Art Show at the Dog Show National Fine Art Juried

            Competition, Sponsored by Purina – Rare Still Moment – Pastel

2015   Jury member – Best of Missouri Hands

2014   Award of Excellence, Arts Rolla Annual Juried Show – Spirits’ View – Pastel

2014   First Place, Annual Paint Webster Event – Blackburn’s Secret – Pastel

2014   Second Place, Pastel Category (Overall) Augusta Plein Air Art Festival – Dogwood Path

2014   Third Place, Augusta Plein Air Art Festival (daily) – Missouri River Rollin’ – Pastel

2014   Third Place, Pastel Category (Overall) Augusta Plein Air Art Festival – Missouri River Rollin’

2014    Third Place, Callaway Plein Air – Ousley’s Lake – Pastel

2014    First Place, Sainte Genevieve Plein Air – Goin’ to the Chapel – Pastel

2014    Honorable Mention, Steelville Plein Air – Park View of Highway 8 Bridge – Pastel

2014    Honorable Mention, Steelville Plein Air – Red Bluffs – Pastel

2013    Award of Excellence, Arts Rolla Annual Juried Show – Bachelor Dog – Pastel

2013    Second Place, Steelville Plein Air – View from Marsh’s Gate – Pastel

2013    Artists’ Choice, Riverfront Paint Off, sunset paint – Main Street Gazebo – Oil

2013    Honorable Mention, Augusta Plein Air Art Festival – Jackie’s View – Pastel

2013    Honorable Mention, Pastel Category (Overall) Augusta Plein Air – Femme Osage Spring

2012    Best in Show, Arts Rolla Annual Juried Show – Noboleis Vineyard Sunrise – Pastel

2012    Third Place,  Arts Rolla Annual Juried Show – Skye – Pastel

2012    First Place, Riverfront Paint Off, water theme paint  – Bird Bath – Pastel

2011    Honorable Mention, Gateway Pastel Artist’s Show – Purple Mountains Majesty – Pastel

2011    Best in Show, Arts Rolla Annual Juried Show – Down on the Farm   – Pastel

2011    Second Place, Arts Rolla Annual Juried Show – McGee – Pastel

2010    Honorable Mention Arts Rolla Juried Show – Fruit Bowl –  Colored Pencil

2007    Honorable Mention Arts Rolla Juried Show – Summer’s Bounty – Pastel

2005    Honorable Mention Arts Rolla Juried Show – Mt. Haleakala Summit – Pastel