MAKING Television Show Features BOMH Artists

ThinkTVNetwork. Join host Matt Burchett on a trip into the world of people who create innovate and build. “Making” explores the world of makers and encourages its viewers to unlock their creativity as well. By visiting with people who create something from nothing, “Making” celebrates old-world tradespeople, artists, entrepreneurs, and creative communities. Making is a local public television program presented by KMOS.

Producers of the “Making” PBS television show have resumed filming after a hiatus due to covid. In 2019 they visited with three Best of Missouri Hands artists/studios, Peggy King of Snowflake Glass, John & Marcia Whitt of The Bent Tree Gallery, and Roy & Patty Muenks of HearTheArt Studio. We are very proud of these artists and have included the links below for you to watch their episodes if you have not yet seen them.

Recently the crew from “Making” have resumed filming and have once again reached out to four Best of Missouri Hands artists, Barb Byrne of Barb Byrne Glass, Pen Brady of Pen Brady Art, Allison Norfleet Bruenger of Allison L. Norfleet Bruenger Collections – Jewelry and Mixed Media and Pat Berkbigler of Gourd Art by Pat Berkbigler. Their episodes will air this fall, most likely in October/November 2022. No date has been set yet for Pat’s interview, but it is in the works.

The creators of “Making” utilize the Best of Missouri Hands website to find artist of interest as well as Google to search Missouri artist, and other means. This is a friendly reminder that having a web page on the Best of Missouri Hands is a perk of being a juried artist. “Making” is not the only organization that uses the website in search of talented Missouri artists, so do magazines, other publications, show directors, museum and gallery owners, patrons and more. If you are a juried BOMH artist, do yourself a favor and make sure your juried page is set up, looks nice, provides information on how to reach you, and is updated at least yearly. If you need help in setting up your page or updating it, please reach out on the BOMH Member Only Facebook page or email us at and someone will reach out to help you.

Enjoy these episodes of “Making” featuring BOMH artists. Links to the newest interviews and dates they will air, will be shared on the BOMH Member Only page when they are available. Congratulations to all!

Making #101 Spotlights artist and owner, Peggy King, of Snowflake Glass who creates fused glass artwork. Originally aired 10/3/2019

Watch the video here…

Making #102 The husband-and-wife team of John & Marcia Whitt of The Bent Tree Gallery in Bethany, MO create practical art using willow wood and other natural fibers and materials. Originally aired 10/10/2019

Watch the video here…

Making #104 HeartTheArt Studios featuring Roy & Patty Muenks in St. Charles creating a variety of ceramics using different building and firing techniques. First aired 10/24/2019

View the video here…

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