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Mary McClain

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thru His eyes Photography

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Fine art photography

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About Our Art

Hello. My name is Mary McClain. I am a very happily married wife, a blessed mom of four boys, a grandma to two beautiful children, and now–a photographer. How did I become a photographer? Please read on…

In October of 2005 we discovered that I had two brain tumors. One was pushing my brainstem and the other around my optic nerves.The surgeries we faced had many risks.  We went to another state for two surgeries, which were done one year apart.

When we were faced with this ordeal and after talking with the neurosurgeons, my husband decided he must find something new for me to learn, to stimulate my brain function as it would be so at risk. He knew I already loved to take pictures of our kids, so he picked photography. He began presenting me with gifts: a new camera with a book about photography…a new lens with another book…a computer and Photoshop, with a book to learn it…and more! After the surgeries and recovery were behind us, he told my why he had done all of this.

And now, here I am. I am forever grateful to God, my doctors and surgeon, my wonderful family, church family, and friends. My life and quality of life are miraculous. I have truly come to love photography.

My goal is to share the beauty of God’s creation with others. I hope that my images can capture some of the beauty and meaning in our world, and can inspire those who enjoy them.

In His love and thru His eyes,

Mary McClain

Mary McClain
Juried Member