Memories of ArtSmart Past and Dreams of ArtSmart Future

I am really looking forward to the 2022 ArtSmart Conference. We have been virtual for too long. I was thinking about past conferences. I can’t remember when I started going to the ArtSmart conferences. I think I had been a member for a couple of years. I made jewelry and I was always looking for the “good” shows. So this is why I decided to go for my first time.

It was so fun to do the Friday Night Frolics. I met some new people and tried some fun arty stuff. Then the main event was full of interesting info and things to look forward to. Being observant I knew before long who I needed to talk to about shows and I learned a lot of useful info. Saturday night there was a room called the hospitality room where one could ask questions and have a good wind down for the long day Saturday.

Sunday was very informative too. I got a clearer picture of the jury process among other things. For me one of the greatest blessings was getting to know new artist friends that became life long friends. If one is an art fair artist you don’t meet that many people if you aren’t set up next to each other. So it was a kick to meet artists I admired or wished to meet. It was a beginning for me.

Over the ensuing years I have had the pleasure of attending many ArtSmart conferences. Some of my dearest friends have come to my life from these conferences. How much poorer my life would have been without these experiences. Now you have a chance to enjoy this cool event. I hope you will make your plans to come be with us in 2022. A red letter year. If you have attended other Art Smart conferences and have memories you could share please share them with us.

Submitted by Nancy Koehler

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