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I have been working in the arts in one way or another, in one medium or other all of my life. I come from an artistic family with a Dad who is an excellent painter and I always have aspired to find my way to express myself through art.

My work incorporates a version of metals called Metal Clay. The organic clay contains fine particles of metal that become solid  after firing in a kiln. I enjoy putting my own unique stamp on my pieces including carving many of the images myself and transferring these designs to the silver.

Over the years my work has changed. For several years I have been doing paintings then using them to make earrings and small pendants. One night I had a wonderful night of inspiration. I call it a “cosmic download”. It really felt like ideas were flooding into me like water pouring. I received lots of ideas to modify and upgrade my painted jewelry line. I call it “Color Splash Jewelry” and it is fun and color filled. The pieces are colorful, light and easy to wear.

As I have grown I have begun to paint but not as jewelry. Very fun to paint with alcohol inks and do this kind of art work. I really love it. I call my painting business Color Splash Art by Nancy Koehler. My webpage is Lots of very cool ways to enjoy my colorful art is found there.




McKenzie’s Jewelry

Nancy Koehler 
Glencoe, MO


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Nancy Koehler

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Jewelry artist and painter, original art work made in silver, and bronze, also original paintings as jewelry. Paintings to enjoy.

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Juried artist in two categories in Best of Missouri Hands. Jewelry and Painting.