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Natalia Butler

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Natalia's Knitting

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Welcome to the world of custom handmade knitting! I make only unique, exclusive handknitted items, which will make you feel very special. Wearable Fiber Art.

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Awards and Honors

Several awards of Best of Show and 1-st, 2-nd place in the different art shows during 2010-2018 years.

The recent awards are:

2018-Trail West in St. Joseph. 2-nd Place Award.

2018-Art Show in Bentonsport, IA. Honorable Mention.

2017- Art in the Square- Oskaloosa, IA- Best of Show Honorable Mention.

2017- Trail West in St. Joseph. 2-nd Place Award.

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About Our Art

Our Art is handmade knitting of different art-to-wear items. Specializing in European yarn and style, it gives my creations originality and uniqueness. I design my garments using various techniques to achieve distinctive look.

My creation process uses different techniques- entrelack, cables, diamonds, and other combination of stitches. Primarily, I focus on the color and texture of yarn. Yarn quality is the most important part of my creativity process. Many items are made with special European yarn purchased from Turkey, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Usually, my yarn is silk, nylon, and cotton, which looks fashionable and yet is light weight. Autumn garments (ponchos, dresses, dusters, tunics, sweaters, and snoods) are made from yarn combinations that keep them cozy, warm, and comfortable. My items provide a comfort and style that women of fashion like to wear.

About Our Business

I am Natalia Butler. Creative knitting is my passion and the focus of my art, hand knitting items of beauty to accent the wardrobe of today’s woman!

Knitting has  always been my passion. Creating gifts for my family and friends has started a wonderful small business. As a native of the Ukrainian artistic tradition, I endeavor to make each piece individual and special. Learning how to knit when I was 9 years old, I have been creating ever since. I never use a pattern and use the best yarn and distinctive stitches and colors for each item.

My origins are from a family of scientists. For much of my life, I could not even imagine that I would do anything different with my life than science. My Doctor of Chemistry Degree is from Kiev State University. I was a successful researcher of nuclear chemistry, worked on the Chernobyl catastrophe, and in my career traveled around the world.

I became a United States Citizen and live in Missouri with my husband, two cats, and my knitting passion. That’s how Natalia’s Knitting -my small business- was born!

In era of mass-production when people can not find something special, my pieces are unique.  Positive feedback from my customers tells me that uniqueness is extremely appreciated. Clients continually exclaim how happy they are wearing my creations, how many compliments they receive, and how special they feel. Such feedback always invigorates me to create yet more interesting and unusual projects.

For creations that are different and varied, including feminine shawls, ponchos, vests, snoods, dusters, cardigans, hats, scarves, sweaters, tops and caplets please go to:

Facebook/ Natalia’s Knitting Fan Page;

website: http://www.instagram.com/nataliaknitting

website: http://www.knitbynatalia.com

Or see me at numerous Art Shows!

Special acknowledgement to my partner-husband Brian who supports me in everything.

Natalia Butler
Juried Member