New Corporate BOMH Member – Southwest Missouri Art & Craft Guild

Post on :March 18th, 2017 | Posted By: Kim Carr | Category: Posted in Newsletters

SW MO Art & Craft Guild is composed of people with a common interest in the advancement of art and fine craft. We are an association and network devoted to the region's fine art and fine craft and the people who create it.

The purpose of the guild is to support the working artist:

Through developing the understanding and appreciation of art and craft.

By functioning as a resource, network and forum for sharing information
By helping artists grow their technical skills, increase business and peer contacts and achieve greater marketability for their work.

Through exposing the art-buying community to the abundant high quality art created by our regional artists

By presenting workshops, demonstrations, displays, events and publications to expose future artists and the community to the possibilities of art as a vocation.

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