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I live on ten acres of woods in what I describe as the “Oak Grove Ozarks”, hence Feather Hill. While I was working on my Masters Degree in Art Education I took a class at CMU and was introduced to enameling. I have been enameling for 20 years and still find it an exciting and rewarding medium with so many possibilities! The rich shine and depth of color, the addition of interesting and unusual beads, developing new techniques, keeps my imagination interested and inspired. I constantly strive for fine craftsmanship and distinctive designs. I have created a style of enameling that can be recognized!

The Process: Each piece I create must be fired two to five times to build up layers of powdered glass. Before the final firing small pieces or threads of glass are placed with tweezers, or a tiny spoon is used to add tiny amounts of powdered glass. The piece is then fired and the design created while the glass is molten. The design can be spontaneous or tedious and exacting. Not every piece survives at an acceptable level but many do and there is great pleasure in the work! Looking at the jewelry you may discover miniature worlds in the frozen glass, especially when both transparent and opaque enamels have been combined.

Pins and Poems: I was thinking about the women in my life and wrote a poem entitled, “Did You Know?” Some women deserve a purple heart. Many women, and men, respond with a strong depth of emotion to the poem. A friend suggested I write other poems to go with hearts…So I did! The body of work now includes a new combination of words and art!

Awards: Juried artist, Best of Missouri Hands, Kansas City Renaissance Festival, The River Bend Art Fair, Atchison, KS, Missouri Art Educators Conference, Award of Excellence, Cider Days on Walnut Street, Springfield, MO, and various purchase awards.

Galleries: Gifted Hands Gallery, Crown Center, Kansas City, MO, Columbia Art League Gallery, Columbia, MO, 14 other Galleries in 6 states. The “Purple Heart” was presented by Kate Hunter in The Kansas City Star and was included in the national catalogue, “Female Creations.”

Sometimes people send me letters: A quote form one reads, “Yet through it all my sister has hope and her sense of humor. She takes one day at a time, one problem at a time, one step at a time and one prayer at a time. She is the strongest person I have ever known. She is my hero. She deserves a Purple Heart!”

“It is at once, exciting, and yet humbling…God allowed us tto be creators, too!”

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Norma Marshall

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