Painter, Alicia Farris Featured in BOMH Missouri Life Magazine Ad May 2022

Watercolor, acrylic and oil painter and art instructor.

Art provides the opportunity to capture and share the spirit and personality of a subject, whether animate or not.  Alicia likes to isolate what seams common and recreate it in a different light, all the while, creating a source of emotion and cause for reflection for the viewer.

In her travels and at home, a wide variety of subject matter catches her eye, from landscapes to animals to human subjects.  The flavors of people that Alicia encounters definitely inspire her work.   Farris notes, “I always have one hand on my camera, especially when I’m in a crowd.  I’m not looking to go home and paint someone’s portrait; rather, I love to try to recreate an emotion and the imagined personality of an unfamiliar subject.”

An award winning and internationally recognized artist, Alicia Farris’ work was recently exhibited in San Pedro, Ca, China, and Spain.   As she is always grasping new knowledge and experience, she is astounded at the journey on which art is taking her.  Alicia supports the arts in her involvement in many art organizations and loves to share her passion by teaching workshops throughout the country. 

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