Pat Berkbigler – Gourd Artist

I am a gourd artist turning hard shell gourds into works of art that last a lifetime through carving, painting, and pyrography.

As a nature lover, I find gourd art to be relaxing, rewarding, and intriguing. There always seems to be a new technique to be learned or created, keeping this art form fun and exciting. I especially love to carve.  Sand waves, stippling, filigree, Oh My!  Pyrography has been interesting and challenging, but the most difficult part for me is painting.  Having never taken a class, a lot of trial and error takes place before a project is finished.  The most important thing I have learned is that there is always a way to fix a mistake.  I’m not quite in line with Bob Villa, calling my mistakes ‘Happy Accidents’, but thus far, I have never had to discard a project.

You can visit Pat’s juried Best of Missouri Hands page where you can get description and prices of pieces

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