Photograph the Mexican Wolves – Sandy Brooks – Endangered Wolf Center

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Title: Photograph the Mexican Wolves and possible additional session with the Red or Arctic Fox (in the enclosure for the fox)
Instructor: Sandy Brooks
Date: December 8, 2018
Time: 7-10AM
Place: Endangered Wolf Center
Cost: $175 with $100 going directly to the Endangered Wolf Center to care for the animals

Support the Endangered Wolf Center in their mission to protect and re-introduce endangered wolves to their native habitats. The session will begin with a background on the different wolves in general and the ones we are photographing today specifically. After a basic safety discussion, we will go to the enclosures getting between the double fences to photograph the animals. While we will not be in the enclosure, we will be able to have the lenses right up to the fence which will make the fence invisible to the camera. The staff will provide appropriate enrichment for the wolves so there is a good possibility of some action shots. The instructor will assist with camera settings, focus and composition with your camera to aid you in getting shots of these unusual wild animals. 


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