Presidents Letter: Fall 2019

Post on :October 31st, 2019 | Posted By: Kim Carr | Category: Posted in Newsletters

So here we are, we made it to fall 2019. Every year we start out with hopes that this year will be one of the best or at least better than last year. Or hopefully as good as last year. So many hopes and dreams every year.

As artists we have to wear so many hats. Not only do we produce the art we sell or hope to sell, we are the designer of our displays, the brute force schlepping and building those displays, the bookkeeper, the secretarial staff, possibly photographer of our work. I could enumerate more jobs but needless to say, we have to do it all. Sometimes we are good at it, sometimes not so good at all the parts. It is always good to learn some better ways to do those things we may not be so good at.

At Best of Missouri Hands we are always trying to find ways to serve our artists. We start about a year in advance to plan for our biennial ArtSmart conference. When we were searching for the perfect person to fill the bill, one name kept coming up. Carolyn Edlund is the speaker we kept hearing about. Carolyn does a lot to help artists grow their businesses.

Artsy Shark is Carolyn’s excellent business which is devoted to building artists so they can build a better art business. Carolyn offers a large variety of helpful info on her website. However there is nothing like seeing such a dynamic, experienced speaker in person. Carolyn speaks to large crowds several times a year. In 2020 she will be in Columbia, MO speaking to the artists of Best of Missouri hands.

So mark your calendars for April 17-19, 2020. Come join your friends in Columbia, MO for fun, frolic, lots of information to build a better art business. The focus will be on useful, actionable information whether you are new in the business or have years of experience.

Best of Missouri Hands President

Nancy Koehler

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