Reorganize, Regenerate, Reimagine

by Allison l Norfleet Bruenger

2022 was a very Full, Exciting, and somewhat Daunting year. Many highs, and some lows graced the door of my little art business and I had to learn to ride that wave. There where so many new yet different experiences that it seemed to put me in a whirlwind state. Now that we have entered this new year, I’m purposely slowing it all down. It is time to Reorganize, regenerate, and reimagine. I have slowed my roll. I have begun to reorganize and clear out the clutter. I trying to take time for me and regenerated my mind and recharge my creativity. One of the ways I am embarking on that part of my plans is to that the time to learn new techniques and the Best of Missouri Hand has “a hand” in this quest.

Last year I started to create larger assemblage works that housed my mixed media jewelry. I loved coming up with these snapshots in time. I truly enjoyed gathering different items to create that special environment to set that mood. Sometimes it worked out perfectly and sometimes I just could not find that item I need to complete that vision. If only I could create that missing piece. That is when a fellow artist said to me you know you could create that part if you had a 3D Printer! That suggestion put me on a path to learn more and to possible add a new technique to add to my toolbox.

Now thanks to the Best of Missouri hands Profession Development grant I have a 3D printer to help me to be able to create those special environments for my jewelry and this becomes a great way to convey that special store to the viewer. This artistic endeavor will not come with a snap of my finger. As this year progresses I will share with you my story. Along with my mentor, fellow Saint Louis artist Chris Mouser, and a lot of trial & error, I hope to be able to have and amazing work of art at the end of the year.

I hope you all, thr­ough a series of newsletter articles and an online zoom presentation at the end of the year, will be able to come along and learn with me. Let’s Go!