About Us

Juried Artist/Studio:

Rosemary Werkmeister

Business Name:

Annie Dell Designs

Short Description:

Handcrafted jewelry using natural stones set in sterling silver and copper.

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About Our Art

Rosemary’s jewelry is created from her love of rocks and the peaceful focus needed in the process of joining and forming metal.  She has always loved rocks and the natural energy they radiate. Metalsmithing offers a peaceful mindset where all else washes away for the time spent in the studio. She works mostly with silver and strives to build a setting that showcases a stone in an elegant, pleasing piece of wearable art.

Rosemary has worked many years in the retirement plan industry and journeyed into metalsmithing later in her life. She began working with metals in 2014 and it quickly became a passion. She has taken many of the metal classes offered by Craft Alliance, lapidary classes with John Heusler and various workshops in the St. Louis area.


About Our Business

Annie Dell Designs is a combination of her Mom’s and Aunt’s names. It is Rosemary’s way of honoring them and bringing their love of wearing jewelry for adornment and ~bling~.

Rosemary Werkmeister
Juried Member