Spring Has Sprung 2022

Spring is upon us here in Missouri.  The Earth is waking up from a long winter’s rest.  Green growth sprouts up from the ground, flowers begin to bloom, days are getting longer, and birds are preparing their nests.  You can feel the excitement as the season awakens to new possibilities.  I take this time of year to heart as I too awaken new possibilities in myself.

There is no doubt these last few years have been a challenge.  We have had to find new ways to support ourselves as artists when art festivals were cancelled and all exhibitions were put on hold.  We have all taken some hits whether in our personal lives or our careers.  But the thing about artists is that we work through it.  We are problem solvers, innovators, creative thinkers, and diligently dedicated to our craft. 

So my invitation to you this month is to awaken some part of yourself that is ready to bloom.  Maybe it is trying some new technique or taking a class in a new art form. Maybe you want to reach out to a fellow artist and collaborate.  Take that chance. Give yourself the opportunity to grow into the season with new possibilities.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” -Leo Tosltoy

So plant those impossible gardens and take a step (or a leap) out into the season of new possibilities.  I am rooting for you!


Patty Muenks BOMH President