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My love of nature started as a young hunter in Iowa. My family used to chase pheasants, rabbits and fox squirrels at every opportunity. My love for the outdoors has grown over the last 25 years as a Missouri Game Warden and chasing English Setter bird dogs.

I have been carving for the last 12 years. I started carving size ducks and a master carver told me to remember that those birds are carved 1 feather at a time. So, I decided to try to carve one feather. I began by carving turkey feathers.

Old oak barn board seemed like a natural fit to display them. Then I added oak and maple leaves, mushrooms, arrowheads and shotgun shells. Mother Nature is full of feathers so I started doing speculum feathers from the puddle ducks and different game birds soon followed. Now I carve the feathers of all the game birds, ducks all the species of turkeys, song birds, hawks, owls, and my favorite the immature Golden Eagle. Since many of these feathers are illegal to possess a wood carving is a great way to enjoy their beauty.

I also began carving elk and whitetail deer antlers to use as gun racks. I do custom pieces carved from basswood containing all the above. My goal is to re-kindle the memory of a past hunt or to touch a spark for the anticipation of a future hunt.

I find folks who just love nature like my work as well. Every pattern I use comes from an original that I found in the wild outdoors. (except for the raptors and song birds and I rely on drawings or museum specimens) I carve them to represent something you would see in the forest or marsh and lean over and pick-up. That is why they have undulations, splits, and the shot shells are a little wobbly because someone may have stepped on it.

All of the pieces I carve whether a large custom piece or a feather pin are one of a kind originals. I hand paint them with acrylic paint. I began to carve feather pins, earrings and pendants so that everyone could afford to have one of my carvings. These items are all carved from tupelo.

You may also find my carvings at the Valley Road Woodcarving shop in world famous Silver Dollar City, Peter Engler Woodcarving in Branson Mo., McDowell South in Jackson Mo., Select Lucky Brand Jean Stores, or at The Wooden Feather Wildlife Gallery in the Outer Banks in Duck North Carolina. I have also, had the privilege of working with The National Rifle Association, The National Wild Turkey Federation, Bow Hunters of Missouri and Trout Unlimited.


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