On Sunday April 16, 2023 the Best of Missouri Hands will conduct a Mock Jury during ArtSmart 2023.  This is an excellent opportunity for attendees to submit images of their work for review.  Attending a Mock Jury is a great tool for artist seeking to apply for art shows, exhibits, and other art related events.  Get valuable feedback on your presentation so you can fine tune your images before submitting to an art show or other event.  

Click on this link to  to load your images into Entrythingy which is an online platform that many shows/events utilize when taking applications.  

Scroll down to the middle of the page and you will see a blue box that states “Enter BOMH Entrythingy”.  Click on this to log into the BOMH Entrythingy.

Note: If you do not have a Entrythingy account already, you can easily create one here so you can begin the process of loading your images.  If you already have an Entrythingy account, simply follow the link and click on that you already have an account and enter your user name and password.

Once you are in, you can load your images for review at the Mock Jury on Sunday at ArtSmart.  It should be noted that this is only a MOCK JURY, you will need to select that you are applying for Juried Status with the BOMH, but this is only a formality.  Participation in the MOCK will not effect your juried status or give you juried status once the MOCK is over.

You will need to submit 5 images.  If you do not have a booth shot, you can submit five images of your artwork, but you will need to mark one of those images as your booth shot.  

If you have issues, you can contact Kim Carr at

Images need to be submitted no later than Friday April 14th, 6:00 pm.