The Conversation by Alicia Farris

The Conversation     Hello from my studio to you! Many thanks again for following my work and my art journey. If you are on the journey too, I hope your work has kept things positive and inspiring for you. 2020 has come and gone. We’ve made it, happy 2021! May the new year bring us a deeper awareness of life, love, compassion, and new light on our future and all imaginable successes.   The Conversation (above) was born from a photo I took of a man leaning over a rail feeding the birds. Maybe based on how I was feeling much of 2020, I was inspired to tell a different story, what I felt was going on in the hearts of so many. There are many layers and several mediums: watercolor, qouache, acrylic, watercolor crayon and watercolor ink in this work. It was quite therapeutic to work on this piece and I kept it up in my studio to work on gradually over a period of months.  

I was honored to have been selected for several National and International exhibits in 2020: Missouri Watercolor Society, St. Louis Watercolor Society, in which I was awarded second place by juror Keiko Tanabe, Southwestern Watercolor Society, where I received the Edgar A. Whitney Transparent Watercolor Award from juror, Steve Rogers, Philadelphia and Kentucky Watercolor Societies, NWS 50 Stars Exhbition, and the NY Adirondacks National Exhibit of American Watercolors, where I was awarded the Kashiwa Legacy award by juror, David R. Smith. I continue to see adventure around every corner and feel so grateful to be able to live my life in such magnificent color.  

I look forward to getting back to my beloved workshops and will start scheduling locally in the coming weeks; I hope we can paint together soon. As you continue your own journey, I wish you health, peace, and inspiration in whatever you do. Excited to see what will be painted in the future for us all!
All the best,
Alicia Farris