The Missouri Bicentennial Mural is nearing completion

The Missouri Bicentennial Mural, the brainchild of juried BOMH artists Aaron Horrell and Barb Bailey, is nearing completion. As of April 29, we are 8 painters away from 15,000. We will go past that number as we are scheduled to visit one more school, the Governor’s Mansion, and a Rotary Club in the next three weeks. Because of this project, we have unofficially broken the Guinness World Record of 13,284 people, for the most people to paint a painting. Also because of this project, the St. Louis Gateway Arch is on its way to becoming a state symbol – the State Monument. 

This is a link to a newspaper article talking about the Arch becoming a state symbol:

There’s still one month left for anyone who wants to take part in this historic project. Stop by the Painted Wren Art Gallery, Tuesday through Saturday, 1-6 p.m. in Cape Girardeau or visit the Governor’s Mansion in Jefferson City on May 13, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call first to make sure we are open on the day you wish to stop by the Gallery as we may be out of town with the Bicentennial Mural.

There will be a mural reveal in Cape Girardeau on July 4th, from 3-8 p.m. in the Arena Building. The 15 completed panels will all be seen together for the first time before leaving to be displayed in the Capitol Rotunda for the Bicentennial on August 10. On a date to yet be determined, the mural will be installed in the Truman Building in Jefferson City.

For more information contact Aaron Horrell, 573-579-1000 or Barb Bailey, 573-837-9514