Visiting Artist Interview with Marcia Menendez by Nina Schatzkamer Miller

This interview provides an example of an artist classroom presentation. For more information about juried BOMH fiber artist Marcia Case Menendez, please visit her Instagram page where her handle is @Marcia_Menendez or follow her on Facebook at

Thank you to 560 Music Center for providing space to shoot this video. For Information about Best of Missouri Hands visit our website: Best of Missouri Hands Juried Artists are eligible to participate in events specifically for juried members. They are provided an individual page on our website and wear our juried member badge at art shows and other events. They use juried member stickers on their items and display the juried member banner in their show booths. Since part of our mission is education, we ask juried members to participate in educational endeavors, both for the public and for other members.

Our primary educational program is the Visiting Artist Presentation. This program traditionally sends juried artists into schools for classroom presentations. When in-person visits aren’t feasible, teachers and artists can arrange for Zoom presentations. Artists show samples of their work and talk about their process. The artist will demonstrate a skill or technique used in creating their art, and sometimes bring a project for the students to complete. They talk about how they decided to become an artist, the training involved, what it’s like, and how they sell their work.

Presentations are made in art rooms with classes from kindergarten through 12th grade. The length of the talk is usually one art period. Visits are also available for senior and retirement centers.

View the video interview here…

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