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Growing up in rural Missouri, I am a fiber artist working with the color, pattern, and texture of fabric to create a story of travel, a record of time or an impression from nature, either real or pictured in my memory.  I enjoy the freedom, movement, and creative process while I cut up beautiful fabric and make something completely different out of it.  I began my fiber art journey constructing quilt tops. Eventually I felt constricted by patterns designed by others and in 2009 came up with the idea to use leftover quilting scraps to make landscapes. Over time, the process of cutting up, layering and piecing fabric scraps evolved into works of art I call Fabricscapes. I employ a “bond and sew” technique of raw edge machine appliqué, textile painting, and threadwork using free motion sewing to complement the design and hold the collage together on a muslin backing.  All pieces are framed and matted under glass. Fabricscapes have been featured in galleries throughout Missouri and can be found in patrons’ homes from Florida to Alaska. 

 up first embroidery and then quilting and surface 

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Dave Walker

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I have an BS in Art Education and live in Columbia, Mo. I’ve won many awards and have been a featured artist in several galleries.