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I am a fiber artist working with the color, pattern, and texture of fabric.  I enjoy the freedom, movement, and power while I cut up beautiful fabric and make something completely different out of it.  Each work depicts a story of travel, a record of time, or an impression from nature, either real or pictured in my memory.

Quilting started it. From the beginning, the act of cutting up beautiful fabric into small pieces and then putting them back together again has always held a special interest to me. Over the years, that magical process has led me to create what I call “fabricscapes”. None of it was intentional – it all developed and evolved over time.  Drawing from my life-long love of nature, I have begun my creative journey with fiber.   The colors, patterns, and creative use of fabric are endless.  Fabric frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accidents and inspiration. My art is accomplished using a “cut and glue” or “hold and sew” technique of raw edge machine appliqué, textile painting, and threadwork.  Most “fabricscapes” are completed using free-motion machine quilting that compliments the design and adds interest or shading.  Each piece is then matted and framed under glass.

 up first embroidery and then quilting and surface 

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Dave Walker

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I have an BS in Art Education and live in Columbia, Mo. I’ve won many awards, have been a featured artist in several galleries, and my art is hanging in patrons’ homes from Florida to Alaska.