BEST OF MISSOURI HANDS JURY NOTICE – Submissions Excepted February 1-14, 2019

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The Best of Missouri Hands maintains a high standard by jurying members that wish to obtain the status of a juried member.

Time for the jurying process is almost upon us. Jurying will start of February 1 and end on February 14. The jurors will then start their process of jurying the art and the notification of results will take place on February 28, 2019.

I would like to encourage all members, that have been a general member of Best of Missouri Hands for 90 days, that wish to be juried members to get their art ready.

Either take, or have a photographer take, good pictures of your art and submit them to the jury. If you have not read it thoroughly, there is documentation on the Best of Missouri Hands web site describing the jury process. Please read it carefully as it will be of help to you.…/Jury-Applicant-Slide-Show…

Good luck with the process.
Loren Woodard

Jury Chair

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