Calvary Lutheran teacher wants to ‘light kids on fire for the arts’

By Jeff Haldiman at the New Tribune

If there’s one word to describe Phil Jones, it’s passionate. He’s passionate about supporting his family and friends, his hometown of Jefferson City and growth of the arts. As an art teacher at Calvary Lutheran High School, he works to pass along his love of art to students.

That bust is displayed in Jones’ home along with busts of himself and other family members at various times in their lives. “I process things in a three-dimensional way,” Jones said. “I paint as well as sculpt. People ask me how I do what I do, and I tell them I don’t know. My hands just follow my eyes. That’s all I really know how to say: I can see something, I can look at a picture, and my hands just follow the lines.”

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Photo by Liv Paggiarino/New Tribune