2020 Virtual Webster Arts Fair

Since the canceling of many art shows this spring and summer, several shows are taking art to the people at home with virtual art shows. The Webster Arts Fair is one such show to highlight each of their juried artist in an online showcase.

The Webster Arts Fair is one of the premier art fairs in Missouri. This year is no exception. Congratulations to the following juried Best of Missouri Hands artists…Laura Hohn (Clay), Lisa Becker (Glass), Melanie Mollman Hancock (Glass), Christiana Danna (Jewelry), Don Kelley (Jewelry), Leigh Roberts (Jewelry), Meri Taylor (Jewelry), Theresa Zahner (Jewelry), Mollie Chounard (Painting), Michael Steddum (Painting), James Irwin (Photography), Lisa Hilton (Sculpture), and Gary Halsey (Wood).

While you won’t be able to visit them at the fair, you can most certainly enjoy their work online and shop from the comforts of home.

You can see the entire line up of artists here…https://www.websterartsfair.com/2020-virtual-webster-arts-fair