Glass Artist Carol Knox participates in the BOMH Visiting Artist Program

Post on :March 16th, 2018 | Posted By: Kim Carr | Category: Posted in Newsletters

In January juried Best of Missouri Hands Glass artist Carol Knox did two school visits under the BOMH Visiting Artist Program.

Carol worked with Christine Cawein, St. Peters Elementary School in St. Peters, Missouri.  She had a total of 50 Students & 4 Teachers over the course of two visits with grades 3rd thru 6th.

These students were all part of the Gifted program for the Fort Zumwalt district.  Each day the students were from the 3rd to 6th grades but because of their “gifted” status there was no difficulty presenting to such a diverse age range.  The students were quick to catch on to different concepts, attentive throughout, and asked pertinent questions.  As always, the students loved the wide variety of objects that can be created with glass from dots to patterns to chess boards.  The class favorite was allowing each student to cut some glass.

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