Local Artist Packs Away Brushes in Favor of Sewing Masks

St. Peters Cultural Art Centre shared…

With the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre closed during this pandemic, artist Shirley Nachtrieb has put away her brushes and picked up needle and thread. She’s not able to teach watercolor classes right now, but she’s found a way to put her talents as a seamstress to great use—Shirley has hand-sewn 50 homemade cloth masks and pledges to make 50 more to do her part to help people slow the spread of COVID-19..

To learn more about Shirley’s effort to make masks for friends, family and nursing homes, and learn more about what the CDC says about using and making face masks. Click here… https://www.stpetersmo.net/article/8222/Local-Artist-Packs-Away-Brushes-in-Favor-of-Sewing-Masks.aspx