Presidents Letter – Spring 2019

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Here we are April 2019. Somehow I always think of the season or the weather when it is time to write my President’s report. Maybe this is because in the past I spent a lot of time on the art fair circuit. I never travelled across the country like some of you do. I mostly stayed in the Mid-West. 

This of course, allowed me the wonderful experience of trying to set up, tear down and sell jewelry in glorious weather, in driving rain, in high wind, tornados that I didn’t know about, water so deep it came into the top of high boots, temperatures cold enough to need a portable heater. Yep, We did all that and more. I always say it is a special type of mental illness or chronic hopefulness to be an art fair artist. I know many of you intrepid artists are living this life. Every show, there is that hope that this one will be really great. 

It is like being a gardener planting seeds and growing a garden. There is a deep hopefulness in being a planter of seeds. There is pure joy in watching those seeds grow and produce beautiful flowers or thriving food producing plants. It is addictive to participate in this experience. Of course being an artist and an art show artist at that, you have a lot of work, blood, sweat and tears connected to it. We keep on keeping on because we must until we don’t any more. 

My wish for you this spring, summer and fall season produces full purses, fine friendships, full hearts and the desire to keep producing the art that makes you, you. May all your work prove fruitful and may the winds not blow too hard.

Juried BOMH Artist Nancy Koehler

BOMH President

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