Spring 2023 President Letter

Spring has sprung! Even with a few nights still dipping into those frosty temperatures, the new season is obviously all around, from the early garden blooms to the baby robins hungry in their nests.  Trees are beginning to fill with green leaves and the sun gives us more light each day.  This is the time of year that wakes me up with an invitation for new things to come! 

What seeds have you planted that are beginning to sprout?  Are new ideas starting to bloom in your artwork?  What dreams can you begin working toward?  Have you begun to expand your inventory, your customer base, or your online audience reach? 

“Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.” -John Muir

My challenge for you this season is to find things that fill you with joyful enthusiasm! Could it be a new collaboration with a fellow artist you’ve admired for years? What happens if you try a new color palette? Maybe it’s a class, podcast, or book you need.  Try something new this season and see what blooms for you! Make a daring submission to an art gallery, apply for that show you always wanted to be in, give it a try and see what happens! 

I am rooting for you!


Patty Muenks