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I work in the field of fiber art.  Fiber art is a combination of many art mediums using fiber as the main medium.  I use soft, fine, alpaca fiber from my own alpacas.  Using the raw “just shorn” fleece, I can sort and grade it to create the softest fiber possible.  After it’s washed, I create different works of art

With a needle felting needle (a long needle with sharp barbs on the tip) I can create:

  • Pictures (sometimes textured with fiber, needled felted to be raised to add additional interest).  A felting needle make it easier to add in fine details
  • 3-D felted sculptures
  • Keepsake sculptures
  • Whimsical 2-D ornaments for any occasion

Or I spin the alpaca fiber into yarn that feels absolutely wonderful against your skin.  Using the yarn, I often weave it into unique, warm scarves that you’ll love to snuggle into.  Using my tapestry loom, I also weave pictures or abstract artwork.

However, my favorite technique is wet felting.  Wet felting is a technique that binds the fibers together using soap, water and a lot of elbow grease.  There are many types of wet felting that I’ve done:

  •  Nuno Felting – the art of binding the fibers to a silk chiffon backing.  I’ve create wall hanging, fabric and many scarves using this technique.
  • Wet Felting as described below with the soap and water and elbow grease.  I’ve created vessels – decorative bowls, vases hats and unique purses.  This is also how I create the pictures / fabric that can be used in a variety of ways.  One of my favorite mediums lately is to create a wet felted picture that is nearly transparent then add embellishments such as hand embroidery or machine stitching to create unique works of art.

My favorite wet felting project is to create an ultra thin, fine fabric with a picture wet felted into it.  Then I machine, free-hand sketch with my old sewing machine, to add interest and texture.   These pieces are thin enough to be framed under glass or can be finished to be used in quilting or other fun sewing projects. Some of my pictures are embellished with “findings”  like seashells, whittling scraps, or things found on my nature walks.  For these pictures you’ll need a shadow box or use one of our unique hand painted branches especially designed for each piece.


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Stacy Heydt

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I use alpaca fiber to create unique works of art.

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Awards and Honors

Many of my projects have received Blue Ribbons at the Alpaca Owners Association’s National Fiber Art Competition – a small handwoven purse received 100/100 points.  I am also a judge for national Fiber Art Competitions.