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I work in the field of fiber art using a wide variety of fiber art mediums and techniques, mostly alpaca fiber. Many pieces of my art are done by hand taking the process from raw fiber right after shearing to the finished product.

We raise alpacas (approximately 20) on our small farm in Southern Missouri.  Shearing is in April which is when I get my new “crop” of raw materials to work with – we have a variety of natural colors from black, brown, fawn, beige and white.  I use the natural colors which provides a beautiful palette of colorful fibers without the use of dyes.   However, to obtain the primary, secondary and full spectrum of colors, I do dye some of the fibers.  Alpaca fiber dyes beautifully.

FELTING:   I use raw fiber in either it’s staple / lock form or opened and carded.

  • Traditional wet felting
    • Using a resist to create vessels (bowls), purses and hats
    • Pictures with a flat felt base often embellished with other fibers, beads and other mixed media
    • Scarves
  • Nuno Felting
    • Felting designs onto silk backing for scarves or fabric
  • Needle Felting
    • Using barbed needles to create flat designs, raised embellishments on scarves, pictures or fabrics
  • Needle Sculpting
    • Using barbed needles to create 3-D figurines

WEAVING: Most of my weaving is done with yarn, but also weave with raw staples/locks or roving as accents

  • Rigid Heddle and Harness looms to create scarves and fabric
  • Tapestry looms to create pictorial and wallhangings
  • Frame looms (triangle and square) to create shawls, ponchos, ruanas and blankets

SPINNING: I use our alpaca fiber to spin yarn.  I prefer to spin Sport and DK weight, but will spin to the style and weight needed for a specific project.

SEWING:  I’ve been sewing since I was a young child.  I do sew garments and accessories with the fabric I create

NEEDLEWORK:  Many of my projects will be embellished with hand embroidery.  I was taught by my mother and grandmother at a young age to all types of hand embroidery.

QUILTING: While I have created quilts, my passion has now evolved into using my felt pieces as wall-hangings using the ART QUILTING techniques of mixed media.

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Stacy Heydt

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Fun Fibers is a fiber art design studio where I design and create art, patterns and kits using my alpacas' fiber (and a splash of other cool fibers) to create unique pictures, 3-D figurines, accessories and wearable art.

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Awards and Honors

“Living in the country with my alpacas and horses, I enjoy beautiful sunrises, wildflowers and a variety of wildlife.  These natural works of art are often the inspiration in my own work.  I enjoy sharing my love of nature and farm life with others through art and design by creating fiber art kits in a wide variety of fiber art mediums.”

Many of my projects have received Blue Ribbons at the Alpaca Owners Association’s National Fiber Art Competition – a small handwoven purse received 100/100 points.