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Wanda Tyner

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WKT Glass Art

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Kiln-formed glass art – I fuse glass into shapes, patterns and textures bringing vibrant colors to life. I manipulate and form the glass shapes with flow, dimension and texture inside my kiln.

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Awards and Honors


    o   Summit Art (juried)

    o   Missouri Artisan Association D.B.A. Best of Missouri Hands (juried)

    o   Kansas City Artists Coalition

    o   International Guild of Glass Artists

    o   American Glass Guild


July 2019:                      Kansas City Artists Coalition: Underground Gallery Exhibition

Ongoing:                        Saint Luke’s East Hospital Summit Art Gallery

June 2018:                     Paper Birch Landing: Juried Art show: Bloom

May – June 2018:           Unity Village Chapel Art Gallery Group Exhibition

March 2018:                   Roeland Park City Exhibition – George R. Schlegel Art Gallery

February – April 2018:   Buttonwood Art Space: Juried Art show: Resilience: The 4 seasons

February 2018:              Webster Arts: Juried 2018 Open Theme Annual

February 2018:              Kansas City Artists Coalition: Art Auction

November 2017:           Kansas City Artists Coalition: One Night Stand Group Exhibition

Various/on-going:         Private Commissions


§  B.S.B.A.   University of Missouri-KC, Major: Business and Computer Based Information Systems

§  Kiln-Formed (fused) Glass Art Education includes studying with some of the finest glass artists from around the world, many of whom were pioneers in the studio glass movement including:

o    Rebecca Hite, Stained Glass Station

o    Patty Gray      

o    Guy Reynolds

o    Alysa Phiel

o    Michael Herbert

o    Dennis Brady

o    Tanya Viet      

o    Tony Glander

o    Jesse Roggenbach

o    Lisa Vogt

o    Paul Tarlow

o    Brad Walker

o    Marcia Bernadette

o    Dale Keating

§  The Working Artist Master Class – instructor: Christa Cloutier

§  Business courses through Metropolitan Community College-Longview:

o   Creating WordPress Websites – instructor: John Agress

o   Using Social Media in Business – instructor:  Brad Semp

o   Starting your own Arts Business –– instructor: Teri King

§  Best of Missouri Hands – ArtSmart 2.0



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About Our Art

My art reflects my adventurous spirit and passion for exploring and storytelling.  I enjoy the focus and precision it takes to design, combine colors, textures, shapes and techniques to create kiln-formed glass art that can be bright, bold, subtle, or textured.

I am fascinated with the scientific properties of glass and the endless possibilities through kiln-forming.    I incorporate the design principles of balance, focus and harmony while creating unique fused glass artwork and functional food-safe pieces.

I love infusing the vibrant colors from the world in which we live into my art.  My distinctive designs are inspired as I cut glass into geometric and abstract shapes juxtaposing wild, chaotic design elements with serene backgrounds and symmetry creating pattern, movement and form. I manipulate and form the glass shapes with flow, dimension and texture inside my kiln.

Every piece of my artwork has a story that represents nature, a specific subject, a client’s vision, an emotion, an exploration of combining colors and patterns, or my own whimsy.


About Our Business

Bio for Wanda Kehlenbeck Tyner

Wanda Kehlenbeck Tyner is a glass artist whose work captures her adventurous spirit.  Wanda applies the same creativity and innovative solutions to her glass creations as she did during her career in technology which propelled her to the top of her profession as a CIO and senior technology executive.  Wanda has a B.S.B.A. from University of Missouri-KC.  Wanda’s journey as a glass artist started with an interest in understanding how the glass art in her home collection was made.  There are many parallels between kiln-formed glass and technology including knowledge of the science, process, skill, planning, design, testing and execution.  Understanding the science has allowed her to stretch the boundaries with creative and innovative designs.

Wanda’s initial glass art training was under the tutelage of Rebecca Hite, owner of The Stained Glass Station.  Wanda quickly began to expand her knowledge and training with several well-known Glass artists including Patty Gray, Lisa Vogt, Alysa Phiel, Roy Kapp, Tanya Viet, Michael Herbert, Guy Reynolds, Brad Walker, Paul Tarlow, and Brad Walker.  She spends extensive time studying, experimenting and creating.  

Wanda combines her passion for world adventures, hiking and kayaking with creating useful, innovative, colorful and sometimes whimsical kiln-formed glass art.  Wanda’s work is included in several international collections. Wanda is currently working on a private commission and preparing a body of work for future exhibition.

Wanda is a member of Summit Art (juried), Kansas City Artists Coalition, juried member of Missouri Artisans Association D B A The Best of Missouri Hands, International Guild of Glass Artists and the American Glass Guild.

Wanda Tyner
Juried Member